Social O


All participants must complete a waiver prior to participation.  Any individual under 18 must have their parent/guardian sign the waiver.

Ensure you RSVP on Meetup or email so enough maps are printed.

Practice your navigation in an urban setting!


When – Every second Wednesday of the month 
6:15 pm – meetup, receive a welcome and introduction 
6:30 pm – One hour race to find as many points and correctly answer as many questions as you can. 
7:30 pm – time limit, link up at the finish, socialize and see who prevailed as the best.


Type – Score-O 
Courses Available – 1 hour 
Map – 1:12,500, Street-O 
Terrain – An urban park, university campus, and urban area.  Many roads with high traffic as well as some quiet roads and urban trails. 
Location – H lot, Hermann Park, Houston, TX at the junction of the running trails on the east side of H Lot


Every participant must have a completed waiver prior to competing.  If the participant is under 18, the waiver must be signed by their parent or legal guardian.  Complete it before and bring it to the event or complete one at the event.


We recommend wearing workout clothing and running shoes. Bring your own water and snacks if you want. A flash light/headlamp is recommended November through March.


Ensure you RSVP on Meetup or email  so enough maps are printed.